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We've broken down the most recommended parent strategies for common child behavior problems into
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100% of our program content is written by child psychologists who have trained and worked at leading health systems.

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With our self-paced web and mobile lessons, you choose when and where you want to learn our step by step parenting strategies.

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A first step toward harmony at home with elementary school-age kids

Learn strategies that aim to:

decrease trantrums
and arguing

strengthen your bond
with your child

Tackle common
behavior challenges

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Our lessons make it easy to understand, practice, and use strategies right away.

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Our program is easy to understand, practice, and apply to different types of behavior challenges.

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Scientific Advisor

Associate Professor
Seattle Children’s

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Duke University Medical Center

Sara Tapsak


Scientific Advisor

Pediatric psychologist
Pediatric Psychology NW

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Boston Children's Hospital

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Pediatric psychologist
Children's Minnesota

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic

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What is WellRoo?

WellRoo offers online self-guided parenting strategies for common behavior concerns in minutes a day. 100% of our app-based modules are written by child psychologists for busy parents looking for information from trustworthy sources. Designed for parents on the go (most lessons take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete) so you can start learning and using strategies right away. It is like a parenting book, but interactive and available on-the-go.

Here are a few of the topics that we share:

  • Effective Praise
  • Prompts that work
  • Strengthening parent/child relationships
  • Planning for setbacks
  • Information and examples for families of kids with ADHD
  • Topic-specific examples (like screen time transitions and making AM and PM routines easier)

Who is WellRoo for?

WellRoo is designed for parents of kids between 4-10 years old who are looking for an overview of science-backed strategies from trustworthy sources that can help with common behavior concerns.

Is WellRoo therapy?

WellRoo is not therapy. Although our programs are created by child psychologists, WellRoo offers self-paced programs for families looking to learn recommended parenting strategies in a convenient package. Think of it like a book that has highlighted itself.

We're creating something new

We have paused our course sales effective January 1, 2022 to continue our progress creating resources and support solutions for families.

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Health Systems & Care Teams

Looking to help your members and patients easily access self-guided and science-backed parenting strategies? We partner with care team members like pediatricians, primary care physicians, and pediatric specialists to ensure all families have resources that can help make parenting easier.


Teachers have way more than enough to manage right now--WellRoo shifts the burden of explaining basic behavior management strategies from your teachers to our platform.  Did you know that our science-backed strategies align with behavior modification methods often used in schools?

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